What we do

Our mission is to inspire you to make sustainable (and fun) choices. Why? Because we believe you can have a positive impact with every choice you make. Through our blog we make it easy peasy to find sustainable options out there. Enjoy!

P.S. Tips are always welcome, just email hello@strawberryearth.com

Strawberry Earth loves to organise memorable events with sustainable themes. And since 2008 we’ve organised a variety of different Strawberry events with a wide range of creative partners. Check them out here. Want to know what’s cooking in our kitchen?

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We can be impatient people, that’s why we devise projects that fast forward sustainable change within the Creative Industry.

With our Strawberry Earth Academy we want to fast forward sustainable innovation within the fashion and (product) design industries.

Do you have a sustainable brand or initiative that deserves more attention? Then look no further because our Creative Agency is devoted to creating compelling campaigns, innovative events and clever communication & PR.

Mail to: agency@strawberryearth.com for more information.